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The Lens Memory Module works with Preston Microforce and FIZ lens control systems.

Fitting between the motor and the hand control, the module provides the 1st Assistant Camera/ Focus Puller with completely transparent operation of the lens system. When recording a move the Focus Puller uses the Preston hand controllers as normal, and the memory module records all movements of the lens motor.

Modules can be daisy chained together to control any lens axes, and can be given up to five character names, e.g. "zoom", "focus", "snork" etc., which are stored in non-volatile memory within the module. This allows easy identification of each axis. Names can be changed easily at system start up.

For difficult lens moves, positions can be accurately set up and then saved as key-frames. RevolveR will then fit a smooth curve to the key frames for the lens module to follow. Key framing can be carried out on all axes of RevolveR, including the hand-wheels.