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A standard PDA running Pocket PC 2002/ 2003 provides the user interface for the system. These powerful yet very low cost devices give unrivalled capabilities to the system.

All main functions, including record and playback commands are controlled through this device. Recorded move data is NOT written directly to the PPC, but is recorded in non-volatile memory within the hand-wheels and lens modules. This data can then be uploaded to the PPC memory or Compact flash card, and saved as a standard Windows file for exporting.

Moves can also be imported into the system as Windows text files, and then downloaded from the PPC to axis memory.

Because each axis has its own memory, data transfer around the system during recording is kept to a minimum, essentially eliminating the chances of corrupted recordings. The PPC is also not overloaded as the number of axes is increased.

All recordings within the axes are marked with a record of the slate and take, including length, time and date of recording. The PPC reads and displays the list of recordings in the axes, checks that axes match before playback, and checks the integrity of all recordings after recording and before playback.