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Motion Control

A 7-pin Lemo type connector is provided on the rear of the motor which connects to a Kuper or Lynx style motion control system. The connector accepts pulse and direction inputs (2000 pulses per frame) from the motion control to provide totally non-slip operation from 0 to 120 frames per second, in forwards and reverse.

The pulse input can be a single ended 5V logic level signal (only recommended for short interface cables), or differential inputs can be driven to provide better noise immunity. Jackson Woodburn Controls supply a cable with built in line drivers for this purpose.

The motor also supplies a frame pulse output on the 9 pin Fischer accessory connector for slaving a motion control to the camera.
A unique feature of the Motion control operation is that this mode can be selected from the motor keypad or from the optional Remote Control. This means that Live Action,
Stop Motion, Time Lapse, or Motion Control can be selected without touching the camera.