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The grey keys of the keypad activate a number of extra facilities that are available in all modes.

The Forward / Reverse key. In Live Action mode both directions can be programmed by the owner to limit at a certain value.

The Foot / Frames key. This zeros or presets the footage (or meters). It also is used to zero or preset either of the two frame counters (Total or Take).

The Beep key. Disables the audible warning, used to indicate camera reaching speed, or a fault.

The Menu key. This provides a list of special facilities:
  • Alarm. An alarm can be set to sound when a preset footage is reached.

  • Footstop and Framestop.. These will stop the camera when a preset footage or frame is reached.

  • Timestop.. This will stop the camera after a preset time.

  • Presets.. This enables the user to alter the preset HMI speeds.

  • Fast Set.. The owner can change the Fast Set function on the Live Action display to 24, 25, or 30 frames per second.

  • Feet/Meters.. This changes the film measurement system from Imperial to Metric and vice versa.

  • Set Up.. This enables the owner to access user key codes, so that maximum running speeds, and acceleration/deceleration rates can be set.